Hello there, my name is Julian, designer, developer, and a creative mind.

I love to solve problems through good design and quality development. Besides my everyday job, I'm excited about traveling, photographing and cooking. Interested? Let us discuss how can I help you.


Capr — Text Based Game Engine

I've always enjoyed some old school text based games with a cup of coffee aside me. Zork Series is one of the most recognized games of all.

Capr — Game Engine - Example Showcase

An example showcase for the end user.

The idea of making a text-based game engine like that came in my mind while I realized that there were a lot of people who are great at writing stories and plots but do not know how to express themselves and the new era does not enjoy a game concept which only has one interaction way.

Case coming soon. *very soon*


I love to design simple and colorful. You can check out my dribbble account and get a brief look at my style. I love to design pretty much anything from UI's to simple logos.

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I create a small set of libraries for my personal use as well as use them pretty much everywhere.

Lightweight Database

Very lightweight libraries for handling anything from database connections to add small utilities like query creation for your project.

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Rest — Dispatcher-Like Rest APi.

Using this library you can create an endpoint for your apps or use them directly on your backend using its dispatcher-like structure.

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Backup Library

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Reporter Library

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Explore my Github.